Sunday Club at Home

Hi Everyone,

This is our 2nd Activity sheet that you can do at home as a family.
It will like last week include a story, YouTube song, a craft/activity and a Prayer. This activity sheet is aimed at Toddlers and Primary school children
Enjoy and have fun.

You can do the stuff below, or download everything as a pdf here, including a Wordsearch.



This week’s reading is John 5:2-5. The story is about Jesus healing the man who couldn’t walk and who waited a long time for someone to help.

There is a YouTube video that you may want to watch:

Reflection on the Story

The man at the pool had waited a long time for someone to help him into the water. Other people always seemed to get in first. It must have been very frustrating for him. Sometimes we get frustrated because we want something right now, but it’s not the right time and we have to wait.

We are moving towards Easter and we have to wait because it’s still Lent. We want to be able to do all the things we used to do like playing with friends and going to school or even the Zoo but it is not the right time we have to wait. Waiting can be a bit boring but for the next few weeks we have to stay at home. But it is time to think of lots of other ways we can have fun – how about phoning a friend or one of your family, going to the Zoo or a museum online, drawing a picture of a rainbow and putting it in your window, looking at the wonderful wildlife outside our windows. There is still lots we can say thank you for.

The activities that are for this session are around what it’s like to wait. The activities for this session are as follows –
You can choose to do one or more activities

  1. You can make a den with chairs and sheets and sit inside, think about how lonely it can be to sit on our own, and having to wait for something to happen. Say thank you for our family and friends. Make up some games you play in the den.
  2. Make a biscuit in the shape of a person (gingerbread man) and say thank you for all the people who help us and pray for those are lonely and unable to move around.
  3. Draw a rainbow and on each colour put the name of someone who helps us when we get frustrated.
  4. Write a list of all the exciting things we have to wait to happen.

Prayer – this prayer has actions – praise – lift hands in the air / love – make heart shape / never ends – stretch out the arms

Dear God you love us just the way we are – whatever way we look, talk or walk.

We praise you, Lord, because your love never ends.

You care about what happens to us each day – when we are worried help us to talk to others.
We praise you, Lord, because your love never ends.

Sometimes it is hard to be patient when we are waiting for something we want to happen. Help us God to be patient.
We praise you, Lord, because your love never ends.

We pray for….. (add in own prayer for family, NHS etc)

We praise you, Lord, because your love never ends.

We thank you God that even though we are not in school or church we are still one big family.
We praise you, Lord, because your love never ends.


And a bonus: a Veggie Tales episode about feeling low.

Here’s the Veggie Tales discussion guide for the episode.

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