St Andrew’s

Our Mission Statement: ‘A warm welcome just as you are, experiencing and sharing God’s love’

There has been a church worshipping here at St. Andrew’s for over 40 years, however in October 2001 the building was burnt to the ground due to a fire. Luckily though the building was fully insured and was rebuilt to a high standard reopening in December 2002.  Many people comment how the chapel is a place of peace and we hope that being in it helps people to feel God’s presence with them. We love to have children come and be with us and offer a regular Sunday school, activities for children to do during a service, treasure baskets as well as baptism services twice a month.

We are also lucky to have lovely facilities – a good hall, kitchen and disabled access – and we share the site with Sure Start. We also host the food bank twice a week on a Monday and a Friday from 12 – 2pm. This means many local groups use our space during the week and it helps St Andrew’s to be a focus point for our local community. This is important to us as we love to welcome our community and to reach out to them in whatever way we can. We enjoy working closely with our local schools. The church has established a partnership group called Tower Hill Together. This group hopes to undertake community projects that bring people closer together and to provide for those in need.Untitled2We are also proud to be an inclusive church believing that God calls the church to be completely inclusive of all people regardless of ability or disability, of gender, race or sexual orientation. We welcome all who come through our doors and hope that you too will experience something of God’s transformative love. Please explore the links on this page to learn more about us.

Our Service is at 11 am on a Sunday morning.

Vicar: Rev. Anne Lawlor
St Andrew’s Vicarage
9 Redwood Way
Tower Hill
Kirkby L33 4DU
0151 548 0962

2 thoughts on “St Andrew’s

  1. Val Caunce

    I would love a photo of St Andrews before the fire in 1976 my daughter funeral was there and Chris was was the vicar what a lovely person he was all the time she was in hospital he was there most days even anointed Trudy in Walton Nuro hospital I wasn’t from Kirby we lived in Cantril Farm there reason i am asking I can not remember what the church looked like but it didn’t look like the new one so if you could help if would be made up. Luv Val Caunce xx


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