Easter in Kirkby

ReligionMetaphor-061Come and live the Holy Week story with us, as we celebrate the events of this most special time of the year.

Palm Sunday

9.30am Eucharists in St. Martin’s & St. Mark’s

11am Eucharists in St. Andrew’s & St. Chad’s

4pm St. Mark’s Celebration Service with Bishop Paul

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

7.30pm Holy Week Reflections, in St. Martin’s, St. Chad’s & St. Andrew’s respectively

Maundy Thursday

7pm Last Supper, Eucharist and Vigil

Good Friday

12.30pm Ecumenical Walk of Witness, from St. Mary’s Northwood to St. Chad’s

3pm Hour at the Cross, at St. Martin’s

6pm Ecumenical reflective service at St. Andrew’s

Holy Saturday

8pm Easter Vigil at St. Andrew’s

Easter Sun

9.30am Eucharists at St. Martin’s, and with St. Mark’s in the Scout Hut

11am Eucharists in St. Chad’s & St. Andrew’s

2 thoughts on “Easter in Kirkby

  1. Carol Scott

    Please advise the ‘route’ for the Walk of Witness in Kirkby on Good Friday, week today. I know there is a presentation in St Mary’s at 12.30 pm. Please could you let me know what time they then join the Walk of Witness. Also, what time after 3pm is the Walk of Witness finished please (and in what part of Kirkby)?

    1. Jeremy Fagan Post author

      Hi Carol

      The walk of witness will start with the event at St. Mary’s, then walk to St. Chad’s to finish. We should be done well before 3pm! Hopefully more like 1:30, depending on walking speeds..




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