Anniversary of the Last Supper

Chalice & Paten

An important part of the life of our churches is to walk in the steps of Jesus through Holy Week (the week before Easter). Doing this helps Christian people to identify themselves as part of Jesus’ story. This is a week that led to his sacrifice and execution on a cross. By walking in his footsteps his followers are able to renew themselves to a life of love even to the point of self-sacrifice.

Maundy Thursday is the day in Holy Week when Jesus’s Last Supper is remembered. The occasion on which he took bread and wine bidding his followers to remember him each time they break bread and drink wine in the future. Out of this occasion has sprung the regular practice of Holy Communion in the Christian church. A constant reminder in the church of our call to walk in Christ’s footsteps and to be more Christ-like.

This year members of our churches met in St Chad’s over a meal reminiscent of the Passover, as the Last Supper was itself a Passover banquet. During the meal bread and wine were shared as a special act of Holy Communion in a context perhaps more like Jesus’s own context than our normal weekly Communion services. It transported the diners into Jesus story. The great reredos at St Chad’s depicts the Last Supper and Institiution of Holy Communion and this occasion was as if we were in the picture.

Thanks to all our helpers who catered for over 60 people on the evening: Claire, Jean, Brenda, Joyce, Edie, Doris, Paula and Jen.

This was one of a number of events through Holy Week that helped the church community in Kirkby commit themselves further to be a part of Jesus’s story.

Church set for a banquet
Church set for a banquet.
The banquet
The banquet - Communion and Passover.



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