Access to our Web Cal and Documents


The best way to keep right up to date with events in our Kirkby Churches is to have a look at our on-line calendar.  There is always a link to this in the side-bar.  If you use an iOs device like an iPhone or iPad then the WebCal will not display in Safari;  you will need to subscribe using the instructions below.



You can subscribe to this calendar if you would like to view events in calendar programmes like iCal or Outlook.  Our calendar will automatically update in those programmes once you have subscribed.  Most computers will be able to subscribe simply by clicking on the link below.  If this doesn’t work then copy the link and paste it into the “Subscribe” field of your calendar software.

Subscribe to the KTM Calendar


We also keep a library of documents on-line and available for download.  You can access these via the Documents and Projects link on the sidebar. The downloads available to you will vary depending on whether you are logged on or not.  Worshippers at our churches and Church Officers can request a user account to log in to the web site.

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