AwayDay 2011

Kirkby Parish Awayday Abigail at the Awayday
Having a ball (in the Ballroom)
Abigail & Friends

Trafford Hall was the venue for an AwayDay attended by over 60 members from the four churches in Kirkby.  Back home Sunday services were cancelled in all but St Chad’s and the Awayday began and ended with short services in the Trafford Hall Ballroom.

Upstairs the children mapped Kirkby and thought about what was good and bad about church.

Downstairs the adults’ debate was facilitated by the Team Consultant, Harry Bundred.  Church members described what they thought about Kirkby, what they suspected Kirkby thought about their churches then started to dream how the church could represent itself better.

The discussion will carry on back home too.  Members of all our churches are invited to a follow-up meeting: 7.30pm on 10th October at St Mark’s. This will be where we start to work out not just what we think but what we are going to do about it.

You can view the Flip Chart pages here.

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