Quiet Day at Redacre


Redacre, Home of the Sisters of the Jesus Way

Arriving at Redacre, the house of the Sisters of the Jesus way in West Kirkby, we were made welcome with the choice of either tea or coffee as we settled in, before a short service of worship led by Rev Andy Heber before our first talk of the day by Lynne Heber.

“Rolling back the Stone” was a reflection on old hurts, griefs or resentments you may be holding in your life and how, if you would only acknowledge them, the Lord would roll them away and not allow them to prevent your love and belief in him. As we read the lesson of how Jesus rolled the stone away from the Tomb of Lazarus, who then came out alive, the comparison became clear of how nothing is impossible to overcome with God’s help.

We dispersed for a time of quiet reflection on our own lives in Christ and to explore the gardens, which we could not unfortunately sit and browse in due to the wet and very windy weather! – But hey! We were here! and had the whole house and a chapel in which to do our thinking.

Lunch was served by the sisters at a beautifully laid table in the dining room, and whilst we ate one of them told us the remarkable story of how they got the house after the death of its owner, enabling them to make their dream come true of helping people in need of a quiet time of retreat. One can stay overnight and there is no set charge, only by donation, either large or small, given in thanks for the loving care shown by the sisters,

After lunch, a further talk and a guided meditation we again separated to our own private time with God before coming together in the chapel for a final communion service and prayers for healing. Then time for tea before we departed for home.

As we took leave of the sisters we gave thanks for the time we were able to spend in the peace and tranquility of their home and ministry; and to the Rev Andy Heber and his wife Lynne for their input. Refreshed and recharged we left for Kirkby and final goodbyes, and thanks for so many blessings.

Peace be with you!

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