ACT premiere

Chorus Girls
Vicky, Vera, Irene, Betty Irene and Christine singing for Help for Heroes.

ACT is a new venture in Kirkby.  Before Christmas these singers would not even speak in public.  But on 26th March, under the tutelage of Jill Ridgeway and Vicky Collins they stood before a live audience and sang, told jokes and read poetry to raise funds for Help for Heroes.  The concert was at St Mark’s Church and was a big step for those who took part.

They are now recruiting new members to have some fun along the way, learn how to have good presence on the stage and perhaps even stage another performance.

Chorus GHirls
The whole crew on show - Jill and Dave Ridgeway far right.


2 thoughts on “ACT premiere

  1. Sally Hampson

    Well done to all at A.C.T! It looks like it was a really fun evening! I never thought that some of the people on stage would have the confidence so Well done to all of the cast. Love Sal XxX

  2. Jill Ridgeway

    Everyone worked really hard & enjoyed performing! 2 ladies were only supposed to go on for the last chorus of the 1st song & enjoyed it so much we were surprised to find them centre stage! We were so pleased with the support we got even though it was all home grown it has really boosted the confidence of the whole group. They are now looking to do another review show in mid July with a view to a panto in February! Thank you for your kind words Sally! Who knows 1 day you too may be up there with ACT!


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