Sunday Evening Worship

Prayer Lanterns
Lighting Prayer Lanterns as a celebration of colour

Over the past few years, we have been gradually building up a pattern of varied and distinctive evening worship sessions. These started a few years ago with a service offering prayers for wholeness and healing 4 times a year. Then was added a bi-monthly ‘Reflections’ service, which approaches faith through a variety of media – visual, auditory and kinesthetic (things to look at, things to hear and things to feel and touch). Last year, 2009, we launched a monthly Cafe Church, which is on the second Sunday of the month in St. Mark’s. This is a chance to have good coffee, nice food, and to think about faith and life around the table with friends.

From next month, we are adding in the opportunity to worship in a ‘Taize‘ style – simple, reflective music, prayers and bible reading, with plenty of silence, and no sermon. This will be in St. Martin’s, on the 7th November, and then every month on the first Sunday of the month.

We also plan to start a monthly Evensong soon. When we have that in place, Sunday evenings will look like this:

1st Sunday: Taize style service, St. Martin’s
2nd Sunday: Cafe Church, St. Mark’s
3rd Sunday: Reflections service, St. Andrew’s, or film evening on Saturday, alternating.
4th Sunday: Evensong, St. Chad’s

Healing Service will be four times a year, on Sundays to suit.

Prayer Lanterns
Prayers were written on the beautiful and colourful lanterns
Coloured pens and pictures of the crucifixion
Reflections on colour

1 thought on “Sunday Evening Worship

  1. Jean Williams ( cross conections group)

    What a sight we must have made for the residents in the houses surrounding St. Andrews when we set off those lanterns. I was amazed that they went so far. I hope all those prayers and wishes on them have as far reaching effect as the the lanterns and even further .


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