Monsters Stink Holiday Club

The club in full swing (well at least for some of us!)

St. Andrew’s held their sixth children’s Holiday Club during the last week of July which was attended by 26 local children and upto 17 leaders over the 5 evenings. “Monsters Stink” used clips from the Monsters Inc film and looked at some of the fears that children face such as bullying, getting lost, feeling alone, being let down by friends etc.

Paige and Charley working around the tables

Every evening was fast moving involving singing, craft activities, games refreshments a puppet show and the famous Monsters Stink Challenge. We also learned about how certain characters from the bible such as David, Daniel and even Jesus himself reacted to fear.

Who's the mummy?

After a day’s rest on saturday many of the children and their parents attended a special church service on Sunday after which cakes were served and a number of games and activities took place in the church grounds.

Although totally exhausting a great week was had by both children and leaders and we will meet again when our Kids Club starts back for the new term on September 19th

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