Kirkby School Photo 1892/3

Kirkby School 1892-3
Photo of "Kirkby Boys Group III" at Kirkby Church of England School between 1892 and 1893 (courtesy of Mrs RJ Webb aged 95)

Kirkby Church of England School used to be on the corner of Old Rough Lance and County Road opposite the current site of MacDonalds. For 150 years it was the only educational establishment in the town.  In the last 50 years more schools have been built as the population has grown.

Mrs Webb visited Kirkby recently, having lived away for some time, and was shocked to see the urban nature of a village she remembered as containing “lovely farm houses”.  You may just be able to detect a blue spot on the head of a young lad second from right and second from the back.  this is the only person we are currently able to identify: Edmond Rose.  His name is written on the back of the picture.  We would be glad to know of any other family memories from those days.

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