All Saints

CB108036On Sunday 1st November, in the evening, we held our annual Commemoration services for the Faithful Departed, especially thinking about those who have died in the previous year. Christmas is a hard time for many people, and we begin the run up to Christmas with services for bereaved families. Around 250 people attended this year, and we hope that in some small way, these services help them in the journey of grief.

When you lose someone you love often the hardest time is after the funeral. Family and friends rally around but a bereaved person can still feel very alone as they grieve for their loved one and seek to carry on. A listening ear can be a great help on that journey. We have a bereavement support team in the parish able to come and visit if you feel that you would appreciate this kind of support. This is available however long ago the death was. Please contact Andy Heber on 548 7969 if you would like to have more information.

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