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Welcome to our new blog. This is where we will be posting news stories from the Parish of Kirkby, and the four Church of England churches here, St. Andrew’s, St. Chad’s, St. Mark’s and St. Martin’s.

Older news stories can be found at their previous locations as follows:

Parish News

St. Andrew’s News

St. Chad’s News

St. Mark’s News

St. Martin’s Homepage

4 thoughts on “Link to older stories

  1. Fiona Steele

    I like the blog and also the idea of Kirkby Parish having a blog. Really cutting edge, wouldn’t be surprised to find it is a first for C of E – congratulations.

  2. Gill Lawson

    Hi, I like the blog. The links to the parish and individuals church news are great. Hope you get lots of bloggers.

  3. audrey wall

    really like the new blog, nice layout i must say!
    very interesting reading all the new & seeing all the photos, will be telling everyone to go on this!

  4. sylvia blackburn

    So very sad to hear of the death of Alice Wharton.She was a cousin by marriage to Alan.I remember her always smiling and full of life: always busy running everywhere.Alan took her to visit their cousin Lily a few years ago and then took her to her old home on the estate which she had had to evacuate during WW2.The present owner invited them in and Alice was delighted to have a look around.A lovely lady. She will be sadly missed. R.I.P.


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