New Archdeacon of Leicester

Rev. Tim Stratford announced this morning that he has been appointed as the new Archdeacon of Leicester, and so will be leaving Kirkby in September in order to take up his new post. His new role will include being responsible as Archdeacon for the city of Leicester, as well as the rural areas of the diocese to the east of the city. This is a fantastic opportunity for him, so congratulations!

Tim and Jen have been in Kirkby for over 9 years now, and he has led the parish through a period of change and growth. Jen’s work with the children will be sorely missed, as well as her hospitality!

There will be a service in Leicester Cathedral on Saturday 29th September to welcome Tim to his new diocese, and we are hoping to get a coach together for a day out down there.

Read more on the Leicester Diocesan website (here).


4 thoughts on “New Archdeacon of Leicester

  1. Philip Swift

    I have read in the paper that you have had a big promotion.Congratulations.

    Can I ask you if you applied for this post from an advert in the same way as people in the outside world apply for job with subsequent competitive interview and references etc.

    I always find it difficult that clergy are sometimes burning with ambition.

    The vicar of this very ordinary working class parish has an Oxford.D.Phil with father,grandfather and uncles all clergy.He can speak different languages,play the organ and never uses a note for preaching or anything else.

    He shows no sign of promotion.

    Mirfield trained he is enormously religious and lives a simple life,no car,no television.

    I do wish you well.

    Philip Swift J.P
    3 Mallowdale Road
    LA1 2RS

    1. Timothy Stratford Post author

      Hello Philip, Yes I am pleased to have the opportunity to take on a diocesan post in Leicester though I am not sure I would call it a “big promotion”. We leave Kirkby with some sadness after nine very happy years here and some good friendships. Because these things matter to clergy we are often not in a hurry to move on and that is no doubt so for the priest of whom you speak. You ask about recruitment processes. Yes, these posts are nationally advertised, short-listed from applications, references are taken and there is a competitive interview. Many clergy, myself included, will also want the encouragement and support of others before stepping forward.

  2. Jill Ridgeway

    We’ve come to the end of an era!
    We’re saying Goodbye to Tim and Jen,
    They arrived here just over 9 years ago
    With their three sons,Sam and Josh and Ben.
    The boys have grown and flourished,
    And two have flown the nest.
    So now it’s all change for Tim and Jen.
    As a change is as good as a rest!
    We’ve sent out words of warning.
    To the flock in Tims new patch.
    Of the jokes that Tim cracks in his sermons,
    The groans will be tough ones to match!!
    They are moving away from their homeland
    To the Midlands —– Pastures new!
    To get there there catch the London train
    And change when you get to Crewe!
    We really will miss them.
    And wish them all God Speed.
    As they move on in Gods Glory
    A new flock for Tim to feed!
    We’ve given them so many memories
    For them to cherish within their heart.
    Our love and prayers go with them
    As in their new lives they start
    [C] Jill Ridgeway

    Good Luck for the future.
    Love & prayers
    The Ridgeways!

  3. Ann Collinson

    Yesterday 29th September, 49 members of the congregation, from our 4 churches, together with members of our Clergy, went to Leicester. It was to see Tim Stratford Installed as the Archdeacon of Leicester. The ceremony took place in St. Martin’s Cathedral. From the moment we entered St. Martins’ house (situated adjacent the Cathedral) which boasted both modern and traditional architecture, to the moment we left St. Martin’s house, we were made most welcome and made to feel part of a special day. On arrival, early in the afternoon, we were treated to the most amazing array of home-made cakes, served with tea and coffee. The service was both moving, and a times funny, and well worth the distance travelled to enjoy a service in such a beautiful place of worship. After the service, we were invited back to St. Martin’s house, for cheese and wine, where we were able to meet clergy, and civil dignitaries from Leicester. Everyone was extremely friendly, a very good day all round. If Tim and Jen and the boys are treated as well as we were, they will be very happy.


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