About Baptism

Baptism is sometimes called Christening. It is primarily about being welcomed into membership of the Christian Church. Parents often want their children to be baptized so that as they grow up they can learn about God from the church. The Church of England respects the Baptism of other churches and those who are baptized elsewhere should not and need not be rebaptized by us.

Baptism in Kirkby

There are three Church of England churches in the parish of Kirkby. Baptisms are arranged in each church depending on the candidate’s area of residence. You can follow the links above to learn more about each church (St Chad’s serves the centre of the town, Westvale and Kirkby Row, the others are named after the districts they serve).

Baptism is about becoming a member of the Church and so we hope that everyone who is baptized, young or old, will become a part of the church that serves their neighbourhood.

Making arrangements

You can make a baptism booking for any one of the churches each Tuesday evening, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at St. Andrew’s Church, Highfield, Tower Hill. Each church tends to offer just one or two Sundays in a month when they can baptize and the services are normally during the morning services or at 12.45pm.

There are no charges made by any of our churches for baptism. We believe it is important to welcome new members in this way.

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  1. That is lovely you do not charge for christenings. It is such an important time in a new baby’s life. I support the work you are doing – keep it up. Cary

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