Welcome to the Church of England in Kirkby.


This is the home of the Kirkby Team Ministry – The Church of England in Kirkby near Liverpool in England. The parish includes four churches: St Chad’s, St Andrew Tower Hill, St Mark Northwood and St Martin Southdene as well as the youth provision at Centre 63. We offer a range of opportunities for Christian worship, exploration of faith and community service to people in this locality.

Through our four local church communities, youth centre, primary school and partnerships with a wide range of local groupings we seek to promote the spiritual wellbeing of the community and its members.

Kirkby is a town in the Borough of Knowsley on the north east edge of Liverpool. The name has Saxon roots and literally means Church Place (Kirk By). The presence of a Christian Church in Kirkby is evident in the Doomseday Book and is thought to date back to 850AD. Kirkby was a rural Lancashire village up until the 1950s when many inner city Liverpool residents experienced a modern day ‘Exodus’ as they were moved out to the ‘new town’.

The community spirit in Kirkby is strong, and the Churches of the Kirkby Team Ministry are committed to the regeneration of the town and to promoting the spiritual dimension of this alongside the economic and physical.

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