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Liverpool Virginia Pilgrimage 2015-17

Poster - Virginia Pilgrimage 16:17Following the success of the last youth pilgrimage, which welcomed a group of young Americans to the deanery, we’re excited to announce that the opportunity exists for a group of young people from our churches to be involved over the next two years in another journey together, that will involve hard work, spiritual growth, and ultimately, a chance to welcome another group of young people to this country in 2016, and to travel to the US in 2017. For more information, see the posters in our churches.

Kirkby gets a new Team Rector

Rev. Jeremy FaganOut with the old, in with the old… Rev. Jeremy Fagan, for the last eight years Team Vicar of St. Martin’s Southdene, and Children’s Chaplain to the whole parish, has been appointed as Team Rector of the Parish of Kirkby, remaining Team Vicar of St. Martin’s, but giving up his role with children and young people.

Jeremy was licensed on the 20th November, by the Rt Rev. Richard Blackburn, Bishop of Warrington, along with Ven. Ricky Panter, Archdeacon of Liverpool in St. Martin’s.

This appointment gives the parish a measure of continuity at a time of big changes elsewhere, with both Rev. Tim Stratford and Rev. Andy Heber leaving Kirkby over the summer. We look forward to welcoming new colleagues as Team Vicars at St. Andrew’s and St. Chad’s.

New Archdeacon of Leicester

Rev. Tim Stratford announced this morning that he has been appointed as the new Archdeacon of Leicester, and so will be leaving Kirkby in September in order to take up his new post. His new role will include being responsible as Archdeacon for the city of Leicester, as well as the rural areas of the diocese to the east of the city. This is a fantastic opportunity for him, so congratulations!

Tim and Jen have been in Kirkby for over 9 years now, and he has led the parish through a period of change and growth. Jen’s work with the children will be sorely missed, as well as her hospitality!

There will be a service in Leicester Cathedral on Saturday 29th September to welcome Tim to his new diocese, and we are hoping to get a coach together for a day out down there.

Read more on the Leicester Diocesan website (here).


The Kirkby Festival

Margaret selling cakes The Festival Village

Once again the local community came together on a bright summer day for a festival of local talent and service. The Kirkby Festival took place on Saturday 14th July on the green connected to St Chad’s Church and demonstrated the fantastic community spirit that makes Kirkby the place it is. Local churches, community organisations and some public service providers pulled together to lay on a fantastic day.  Over 4000 residents are thought to have attended, not put off by the early morning rain that soon gave way to sunshine.

Special thanks to John, Margie, Jean, Julie, Lisa and Pauline.


A Journey with Jesus – Easter & Holy Week Services

Holy Week and Easter Services in the parish:

Sunday 1st April – Palm Sunday
Our Journey with Jesus begins on Palm Sunday in all four churches,  when we remember his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, riding on a colt.

St. Mark’s     9.30am       St. Martin’s      9.30am

St. Chad’s    11.00am      St. Andrew’s   11.00am

Three Evening Easter Meditations (7.30pm)
Mon 2nd at St. Andrew’s –  Does he know me?
Tues 3rd at St. Martin’s – Can he forgive Me?
Wed 4th at St. Mark’s – Does he love Me?

Maundy Thursday – St. Chad’s at 7.00pm
As we journey towards Jesus’ death, we remember how after sharing supper with his friends –  he humbly washed their feet. Tickets are required for the Seder Supper. (To book contact Rev. Tim Stratford on 0151 547 2155 or email: tim@cofekirkby.co.uk).

Good Friday – St. Martin’s at 2.00pm
Meditation  – St. Andrew’s at 6.30pm
We pause for awhile in our Journe
y with Jesus,  as we wait with him for one hour at foot of the cross.

Easter Eve Vigil – St. Andrews at 8.00pm
Our journey now moves  from the darkeness of death into the light of new life.

Sunday 8th April – Easter Sunday
Our Journey takes a new direction as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in all four of our churches in Kirkby.

St. Mark’s   9.30am            St. Martin’s    9.30am  St. Chad’s  11.00am       St. Andrew’s   11.00am


New way to make donations

You can make a donation to both St Chad’s and St. Martin’s by:
http://www.justgiving.com/stchadkirkby for St. Chad’s, or justgiving.com/stmartinssouthdene for St. Martin’s,
or send a text to 70070 and type either: chad99 or stmn64 followed by the amount you want to give between £1 – £10.

This is a great way for friends of St Chad’s and St. Martin’s, who value the churches as icons of Kirkby at its spiritual heart, to support them.

Text giving is managed by Vodaphone and on-line donation are by “Just Giving” – both are highly reputable.  If you give on-line, you can also tick so that “Just Giving” can claim the tax you have already paid on your donation back and pass that on to us too.