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Day Retreat at Pennant Melangell

The shrine church of Pennant Melangell
The shrine church of Pennant Melangell

On July 16th, the Kirkby healing team members set off for a quiet day retreat to St. Melangell’s Church in the Berwyn Mountains, a remote and beautiful spot at the head of the Tanet Valley in Wales.

Our aim was to reflect on the life of Jesus through the cycle of Grace (some insights developed by Frank Lake based on the work of Emile Brunner). The first input being on acceptance, the second sustenance, the third Significance and the fourth achievement – much food for thought and self analysis, believe you me!

At 12 noon we walked down from our base to the church to celebrate the eucharist, with the opportunity for prayers for healing for those in need. The feeling of reverence as you entered this place of worship reminded one strongly of the many who had worshipped there way back from the 12th century, and the effigies, the oak screen and stone carvings tll the history of the church. The shrine of St. Melangall, situated behind the altar became the focal point of the service.

Returning to base for lunch we discovered it was raining: surprise, surprise!! However we enjoyed sharing our thoughts together whilst we ate.

After lunch we then continued with our next input and between each session continued with our own quiet time and prayers wherever we wished. Undaunted by the weather we wandered outside! In the midst of all the mountains it was so quiet and so peaceful! Who could not help but feel the presence of the Lord in such beautiful surroundings?

After tea and cake, more input and further quiet time for meditation before returning to church again for evening prayer which took place around the shrine. A final time to spend with our Lord before the minibus journey home.

If only the nations of the world could have shared the peace of St. Melangell, it would become a far, far better place. As we left with that peace, serenity and tranquility in our hearts and a quietness of spirit from the day, we gave thanks for the wonderful fellowship and sharing within our group and for a day well spent. Thank you to all concerned.

Written by Wyn, a member of the group

All Saints

CB108036On Sunday 1st November, in the evening, we held our annual Commemoration services for the Faithful Departed, especially thinking about those who have died in the previous year. Christmas is a hard time for many people, and we begin the run up to Christmas with services for bereaved families. Around 250 people attended this year, and we hope that in some small way, these services help them in the journey of grief.

When you lose someone you love often the hardest time is after the funeral. Family and friends rally around but a bereaved person can still feel very alone as they grieve for their loved one and seek to carry on. A listening ear can be a great help on that journey. We have a bereavement support team in the parish able to come and visit if you feel that you would appreciate this kind of support. This is available however long ago the death was. Please contact Andy Heber on 548 7969 if you would like to have more information.

Two Cathedrals

The Group with No Name went on a trip to Liverpool at the start of October half term. We visited both cathedrals, Hope Street, the Albert Dock, Mersey Maritime Museum, the International Slavery Museum, ‘an awesome sweet shop’, and saw HMS Illustrious on her visit to Liverpool. It was a long and tiring day, but with a collection of ridiculously large gobstoppers to sustain us, we had a fantastic time. Despite a brief rain shower early on, the weather was good, and we even saw Kirkby in the distance from the top of the Anglican Cathedral!

Widescreen view

The docks and the Three Graces
The docks and the Three Graces

Looking south over the river from the top of the Anglican Cathedral
I can see clearly now, the rain has gone...
The docks and Birkenhead
Where's the weather map?
Could we do this on the side of St. Chad's?