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The parish’s work amongst children and young people.

Liverpool Virginia Pilgrimage 2015-17

Poster - Virginia Pilgrimage 16:17Following the success of the last youth pilgrimage, which welcomed a group of young Americans to the deanery, we’re excited to announce that the opportunity exists for a group of young people from our churches to be involved over the next two years in another journey together, that will involve hard work, spiritual growth, and ultimately, a chance to welcome another group of young people to this country in 2016, and to travel to the US in 2017. For more information, see the posters in our churches.

InShops at Christmas

The Kirkby Churches spent three days in the InShops this Christmas offering a variety of children’s activities, including crafts, face painting, balloon modelling, a live re-enactment of the nativity (in a surreal stable with polar bears and penguins!), as well as more tranquil opportunities for prayer, reflection and hand massage. Hard work by everyone involved, and a fantastic three days.

Kirkby gets a new Team Rector

Rev. Jeremy FaganOut with the old, in with the old… Rev. Jeremy Fagan, for the last eight years Team Vicar of St. Martin’s Southdene, and Children’s Chaplain to the whole parish, has been appointed as Team Rector of the Parish of Kirkby, remaining Team Vicar of St. Martin’s, but giving up his role with children and young people.

Jeremy was licensed on the 20th November, by the Rt Rev. Richard Blackburn, Bishop of Warrington, along with Ven. Ricky Panter, Archdeacon of Liverpool in St. Martin’s.

This appointment gives the parish a measure of continuity at a time of big changes elsewhere, with both Rev. Tim Stratford and Rev. Andy Heber leaving Kirkby over the summer. We look forward to welcoming new colleagues as Team Vicars at St. Andrew’s and St. Chad’s.

Tim & Jen

St. Chad's, Kirkby
St. Chad's at sunset

St. Chad’s was full this evening as we gathered to say goodbye and farewell to Tim, Jen and the boys as they leave Kirkby for Leicester. An emotional service included Tim handing over responsibilities, and giving his thanks for the many people who have worked alongside him and supported his ministry in Kirkby, and our thanks to him and Jen for all the work that they’ve done here. Tim has touched the lives of many people here in Kirkby, and will be a tough act to follow.

Thank you both.

There are more pictures up on our Facebook page – go there and ‘like’ us while you’re at it! Tim will be welcomed to the Diocese of Leicester on the 29th September.

Tim & Jen reprise their wedding cake


The Olympic Torch

Joe carrying the Olympic TorchJoe Shaw, a member of St. Andrew’s Church and a volunteer with Tango, was selected to be one of the privileged few who carried the Olympic Torch on its journey around Britain. After extensive coverage in the local press and television news, the moment arrived. A crowd of friends from Kirkby made the short journey down to Huyton to see him pass, and after a very noisy cavalcade of sponsors vehicles, security, police, and Olympic officials, Joe finally appeared.

There are certain things in life that you’ll never forget, and for Joe this was certainly one of them. A real once in a lifetime experience, and one that is well deserved. Well done!Joe carrying the Olympic TorchJoe carrying the Olympic Torch

Joe carrying the Olympic Torch
Joe carrying the Olympic Torch

Walking through Holy Week

Good Friday Workshop


The doors opened at 10 am and 80 children and young people piled into St Chad’s for a morning of craft, party, story, worship and Easter egg hunt.

Whilst the majority of the children went round the 10 craft tables the group with no name worked on their own canvas masterpieces in the vestry and surrounding areas, paint and sequins being used in great abundance.

The rest of the church was taken up with craft tables and a special area for the under fives. The crafts and the story help the children remember the events from Palm Sunday through to Easter Day.

Just before the Easter egg hunt the chancel rocked to Great Big God with 80 children and adults singing with all the actions.

Jen Stratford.

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