Red Carpet Treatment

View of the church from the sanctuary

The slow and gradual work of improving and up-grading St Chad’s Church continued through 2009.  Towards the end of the year the new red carpet appeared as one of the most obvious changes.  Underneath the floor was levelled and at the back of the church the tiled section was fixed and relaid.

This has helped to make the church one of the most beautiful and inspirational spaces in Kirkby.  Improvements to the church grounds and entrance undertaken in previous years are now matched by the interior. If you haven’t visited recently then come along for worship on a Sunday morning at 11.00 and find out why.

Throughout the year St Chad’s is also used for a great many weddings and baptisms, family celebrations and funerals, as well as Sunday worship.  People choose the church because it is a place that stands for spiritual values, for the things of the heart like hope and love.  Members of St Chad’s hope that bringing out the beauty of the building helps to inspire and encourage those who gather in the church for these occasions.