Christmas Concert

_DSF0172_DSF0189_DSF0179The Band of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment and the Performance Studios Choir came to St Chad’s on Sunday evening 13th December for a community concert. It was a privilege to hear the local talent on display.  The Mayor and Mayoress of Knowsley, Councillor David Smithson and Mrs Smithson were honoured guests along with many other local residents and community members.

The first part of the concert was a selection of Christmas music that brought some cheer and light for a cold and dark winter time.  The second part introduced some Christmas Carols that celebrated the birth of Jesus – a light to lighten the darkness of our own hearts and society.

The Kirkby Christmas Concert is a real spectacle to see and delight to hear in the inspiring surroundings of St Chad’s Church.

We hope to develop the community festival feel of this event further in future years and any suggestions are welcome of further talent in Kirkby that could be on show.


Bishop James Visit to Centre 63

The Bishop of Liverpool in Centre 63 pictured with the Centre staff, Board members and some service beneficiaries.
The Bishop of Liverpool in Centre 63 pictured with - From left to right: Paul Griffiths, Jeane Lowe, Charlotte Purcell, Jenna Lamb, Ann Brown, Billy Waldron, Frank Reppion and Tim Stratford; Front Row: Keira Higham, Kyle Higham, Kelly Anderson, Brandon Anderson and Cheryl Clarke.

The Bishop of Liverpool, Rt Revd James Jones, visited Centre 63 today.  Centre 63 is described by the Diocese of Liverpool as a groundbreaking project for young people in Kirkby and Knowsley.

He met with young people who have benefited from the Youth Enquiry Service (YES), toured the building and sat down to discuss strategies for improving people’s lives in Kirkby with members of staff and the Centre 63 Board.

Bishop James was clearly impressed by what he saw and heard and is set to become a Patron of the Charity.  Funding valuable work like that of Centre 63 in the voluntary sector is  becoming increasingly difficult during these times of economic hardship, yet the work is more necessary than ever.  Centre 63 depends on a mixture of funding from charitable trusts and from the public purse.  With this mixed funding it is able to provide a service in Kirkby that the local authority might not otherwise be able to.  It is also able to make use of its grassroots nature and its premises independent of any authority figures to make its services accessible to those who are put off by more formal settings.  These things were commended by the Bishop and continue to be welcomed by many local people.

Puppets at St. Andrew's

Bert and Lucy converse with the children
Bert and Lucy converse with the children

St. Andrew’s Kids Club on 15th November witnessed the debut of Bert and Lucy, latex puppets who helped the children learn what it means to be a junior hero and have faith in God. The 7 foot high puppet theatre has been created from scratch by Bernie Riley, husband of Kids Club leader Irene. Future meetings will see more adventures with Bert and Lucy and maybe other characters too.

St. Andrew’s Kids Club is open to any children between 5 and 11. We meet on 3rd Sunday of every month 3-4:30 with the sessions being fast moving and interactive. Although Christian Truths are communicated to the children the sessions are more Saturday morning TV style than traditional church and both kids and leaders have a great time. For more information or to join ring Andy on 548 7969.

Spot the puppets!
Spot the puppets!
James finds 2 new friends
James finds 2 new friends

Alice Wharton (1907-2009)

Alice Wharton unveiling a tiled collage at Kirkby Church of England School as part of its 200th Anniversary celebrations.

Alice unveiling a ceramic collage at Kirkby Church of England School as part of the 200th Anniversary celebrations

It is with a mixture of sadness and appreciation that we mark the death of Alice Wharton on Friday 4th December 2009.  Alice lived in Kirkby for longer than any other person ever has. She moved to a residential home in Huyton only after her 100th birthday but has kept close links with many friends here until her death aged 102.  St Chad’s has been her spiritual home through all her years.  The church was only 32 years old when she was born

Alice Wharton, nee Appleton, was born at Rushton’s Farm, Kirkby, in 1907. The farm was situated by what was to become the Bird’s Eye Factory. She was educated at Kirkby Church of England School and has maintained close links with the school ever since. Her memories have given children a first-hand taste of history.

Our prayers are with her son Frank preparing for Alice’s funeral, which will be in Church followed by burial in the churchyard on Friday 11th December at 12.30pm


Alice’s memories of St Chad’s (pdf)


Alice on the KMBC history web site in audio
It is worth viewing this and the subsequent 5 pages there